D4D Challenge


In the context of D4D challenge, Orange Labs has been provided to us real data, named D4D dataset, to use them for our research purposes. D4D dataset contains Call Detail Records (CDR) of users that are subscribed to the Sonatel services in Senegal. Data is collected over a period of 1 year (Year 2013).

In the video below, we provide a visualization of users' behavior. Particularly we extract how many users are present at a given time interval on a country scale from Jan 07 2013 00:00:00 until Jan 20 2013 23:50:00.

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MobileJINQS, is an open-source library for building simulations encompassing constraints of mobile systems. MobileJINQS is an extension of JINQS, a Java simulation library for multiclass queueing networks. JINQS provides a suite of primitives that allow developers to rapidly build simulations for a wide range of stochastic queueing network models. However, JINQS only supports the base characteristics of queueing networks.

MobileJINQS retains the generic model specification power of JINQS, while providing additional features of interest to mobile or other systems such as:

  1. Lifetime limitation for each customer entering a queue,
  2. Intermittently available (on-off) queue server or server with variable service rate over time to represent mobile users' behavior, and
  3. Input flow with variable customer arrival rate over time to represent real input dataflow traces.

In particular, a system designer is able to set lifetimes, on-off intervals, as well as variable service rates and arrival rates following well-known probability distributions.


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